Permanently Mask Unstructured Data

Data privacy for static and dynamic unstructured data
Protect unstructured data from abuse, while preventing fraud and maintaining privacy 


Mask over 65 different file types
Mask images, PDF, CSV, Email, Office docs and many others.


Mask with pseudonymous data
Replace sensitive data like SSN, Credit Card, and other sensitive information with like-for-like fictitious data


Maintain Referential Integrity 
Ensure data is masked consistently, both within the database and within unstructured data files


Reduce Masked Data File Sizes 
Reduce file sizes directly on masked files, eliminating the need for software compression and decompression

80% of data stored in the enterprise is
unstructured and unprotected.

  • Scanned documents & image files such as insurance claims, bank checks, and medical record files contain sensitive data stored as pixels

  • Adoption of public clouds, BYOD (bring your own device), and Big Data increase the risk of sensitive data being stolen

  • Proprietary document formats like Adobe and Word embed sensitive data in compressed, embedded images and freeform text

Develop with confidence

Give your developers the real-world data they need to build new applications while maintaining compliance with internal and industry standards and regulations, such as: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and GPDR

Mask Consistently Across Environments

Mirror changes made by structured data masking solutions across all related unstructured data files, ensuring consistent masking for development and testing environments

Maximize Storage Efficiency
and Network Performance

Save on storage costs by reducing existing file libraries and automatically reducing new files as they are checked in to repositories. Speed up network performance by eliminating large unstructured data file transfers. 


UMask Product Data Sheet

Learn more about the UMask solution for unstructured data masking from ABMartin.