BigID Solutions

BigID is a leader in data discovery and intelligence for data privacy, security and governance. Working in partnership, BigID and ABMartin strategically align to help customers with identifying sensitive data, enabling data masking, and anonymization.

BigID’s data intelligence platform

BigID’s data intelligence platform, and its integration with leading ecosystem partners, enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action on privacy, protection, and perspective. By applying advanced machine learning and deep data insights, BigID automates and enriches other data lifecycle tools and systems.

Discover and map sensitive data

Scan and understand your sensitive data across on-premise and cloud systems. Whether it's structured, unstructured, or in motion, you can address privacy and access challenges. Gain the ability to mask and/or anonymize data — including down stream test data management, and advanced analytics.

Enhance customer trust

Automate data privacy and protection

How can we help your business?

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