Keep sensitive data safe with Dynamic Data Masking

Redacting information, making permanent alterations, or providing unredacted access to files containing sensitive data are all possibilities — which leave you wide open to a data breach.

What is Dynamic Data Masking?

Dynamic Masking replaces real values in structured data with similar values, so your documents have the same look and feel, but your sensitive data stays safe and secure.
Data can be redacted ‘on the fly’, displaying information based on the user’s permissions and obfuscating or changing sensitive data that may be outside their authorization.
Alternations aren’t permanent, which means you don’t need to keep multiple versions of the same file with varying levels of redaction, enabling you to reduce storage space.

Benefits of Dynamic Data Masking

Protect sensitive data. Prevent fraud. Maintain privacy.

unauthorized access


Automate data protection


Maintain document integrity


Increase storage capacity


Redact without permanent alteration


Store one file with multi-level access

Why choose Dynamic Data Masking?

Secure Data

Across your organization, protect sensitive data within files as they are requested, whether they’re on-premise or in the cloud.

Control Access

With pre-defined or custom rules, you can dynamically mask sensitive data in unstructured data based on each user’s access permissions.

Save Space

Redact sensitive data fields while maintaining the integrity of the original file. Store one file with different levels of redaction for separate security levels.

Curious about Dynamic Masking?

See how you can take steps to protect sensitive data across your enterprise.