Dynamic Masking
Dynamically mask unstructured data

Mask sensitive unstructured data from production environments on-the-fly, based on access permissions
Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access by employees and contractors in production environments


Dynamically mask sensitive data
Apply pre-defined rules, or create custom rules, to dynamically mask sensitive elements in unstructured data files based on each user’s access permissions


Redact without permanent alteration
Redact sensitive data fields “on-the-glass” while maintaining the integrity of the original file


Secure unstructured data across the enterprise  
Protect sensitive data within files as they are requested, whether they’re stored on-premise or in the cloud


Store one file for multiple access levels 
Eliminate the need to store multiple files with different levels of redaction


Why Protect 
with Dynamic Masking?

  • Production data can’t be redacted without permanently altering the files, making it hard to control access to varying levels of sensitive information.

  • Fulfilling sensitive file requests, and manually redacting files based on those requests, can be costly and time consuming 

  • Providing unrestricted access to unredacted files may subject sensitive data to internal breaches. 

  • Keeping multiple versions of files with varying levels of redaction significantly increases storage consumption

Automate Data Protection

Automatically protect sensitive data and eliminate manual redaction processes.


Maintain File Integrity

Protect sensitive fields in unstructured data without permanently redacting the production data files.

Reduce Storage Volume

Dynamic Masking eliminates the need to store different versions of redacted files. 



Dynamic Masking Data Sheet

Learn more about how ABMartin's Dynamic Masking can protect sensitive unstructured data from production environments.