ABMartin launches a fresh brand identity and website

April 7, 2022
ABMartin launches a fresh brand identity and website

Trusted data privacy experts ABMartin have teamed up with Khula Design Studio to create a cleaner, simpler, and more forward-looking brand identity and website that will carry the company into the future. 

The ABMartin brand is proud to launch a bold new look and a fresh, flowing website — thanks to a recent collaboration with Khula. After two months of dedicated partnership, the company can now reveal a modern identity and website that truly reflects its cutting edge technology and helps the organization embrace an influx of businesses searching for a data privacy solution they can trust. 

The challenge

The need for dynamic and enhanced data privacy solutions has never been greater, not only because of high-profile and costly security breaches, and not only due to the associated financial penalties for non-compliance. Data privacy is now more than a ‘must-do’ mandate — it’s become a key driver of business growth.

But compliance can be complex, and the task of organizing and implementing data protection across multiple software platforms and systems can be overwhelming. At the same time, business leaders are changing their mindset around data security in order to leverage its business benefits — seeing a strategic advantage in data privacy itself.

That’s where data masking from ABMartin can help.  

With decades of industry experience, and as developers of the first software solution to mask unstructured data, ABMartin is a leading light in data security. But in an increasingly competitive market, the company needed to keep pace and stand out. 

With organizations of all sizes facing increased pressure around cybersecurity and data privacy, it was vital for ABMartin to continue to communicate the business value of enterprise-wide data masking solutions to an ever broader audience.  

And with data security gaining greater attention at the C-Suite level, 2022 was the right time for ABMartin to refresh its visual and verbal identity and migrate the website to a revolutionary no-code platform, Webflow. However, as many business owners will know, when it comes to your company’s brand and website, there can be a lot of internal conversation and disagreement around concepts and design. 

Fortunately, feedback from the folks at ABMartin was unanimously positive about the work put in by the team from Khula. There’s a noticeable air of excitement around the launch.

“Cutting edge, engaging, to the point, and uncluttered. I absolutely love the way components activate and brighten as you scroll through the content. The screen is alive - there's movement even when holding on a topic, and I can't say enough about living screens. This is a home run!” — Barbara Martin, Founder & COO at ABMartin

The solution

ABMartin brought in Khula to deliver a fresh-look for the brand and website. It was important for us that the brand identity felt familiar to existing customers, whilst presenting the brand to growing an audience of companies looking for the right data privacy solution in a crowded market.

The brand identity is easily scaleable across multiple formats, from web pages to billboards.

The turquoise block on the ‘B’ represents data processed and secured by ABMartin. To create a unique style, the dot on the ‘i’ and top of the ‘t’ have been removed to represent the data block passing through the Martin name until it arrives between the A and B. The colour hue is bright, bold and more forward-looking.

Although it’s a new shade, the primary blue colour reflects the history of the brand by referencing the blue in the previous branding. This makes it new yet instantly familiar.

About ABMartin

Creators of the very first software solution for masking unstructured data, ABMartin have a combined experience of over 100 years in data privacy. Our mission is to help businesses comply with data privacy regulations, reduce the likelihood of a data breach, and add business value on top of what you already do.

Built around a team of data privacy experts with a shared background in IBM's Optim suite of information management solutions, ABMartin is a trusted IBM Partner, with over 200 successful implementations. Our reach also extends to a full suite of customizable data privacy solutions, which we can tailor to specific industry and business needs.

Taking a collaborative approach to your data privacy needs, our consultants work to understand your challenges before helping to build the right data privacy solution for your business.


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