Our UMask solution secures your data through data masking and obfuscation, replacing the original values of your sensitive data with fictitious, yet contextually accurate data.

UMask maintains the usability of the protected data so that you can continue with critical operations such as testing, development, and analytics smoothly. Sensitive data stored in test data management environments are more vulnerable to data breaches as corporations secure production systems leaving other environments exposed. The financial loss as a result of these breaches can be massive.

UMask selectively finds and obfuscates sensitive records stored in PDFs, Excel, Word, Images, Hadoop and 70 other unstructured file formats (see all supported file formats). 


Dynamic Masking

Dynamic Masking for unstructured data replaces the real values of a document with similar values ensuring that the documents are safe and protected while keeping the same look and feel. The data can be “Redacted on the Fly” by displaying information based on the user’s permissions and obfuscating or changing sensitive data that may be outside of their authorization.